The dangers of tailgating

pTrafficJam_4603263_sTailgating is an exceedingly dangerous driving behavior, and yet a car accident lawyer in Las Vegas knows that many Nevadans do it every day. Some do so because they are running behind or are late to their destinations, while others do it out of irritation, impatience or ignorance.

According to a study by Drivecam, Inc., an international risk management company, motorists are at their highest risk for causing a rear-end collision when they follow less than two seconds behind the car in front of them. Failing to leave a sufficient braking distance between vehicles is a key factor in many automotive fatalities. Therefore, recognizing and avoiding dangerous tailgating behaviors is of primary importance to Nevada motorists.

What drivers who follow too closely can do

Drivers who suspect they themselves may be guilty of following too closely can take a number of steps to increase their awareness and correct the problem. The Nevada Legislature’s Rules of the Road dictate that “The driver of a vehicle shall not follow another vehicle more closely than is reasonable and prudent, having due regard for the speed of such vehicles and the traffic upon and the condition of the highway.”

This leaves room for interpretation. However, a car accident lawyer in Las Vegas may recommend leaving a minimum of 10 feet of space between vehicles for every 10 mph of traveling speed, in addition to leaving two or three seconds of stopping time between vehicles. These figures are intended for ideal weather days, and should be doubled during times of inclement weather or otherwise adverse driving conditions.

What drivers who are followed too closely can do

Drivers who feel they are being followed too closely can take defensive actions to minimize their chances of a rear-end collision. One of the easiest and most effective methods is simply to pull over or change lanes, allowing the guilty party to pass. Many tailgaters feel rushed, and rather than engage or invoke their ire even further, a car accident lawyer in Las Vegas advises that drivers simply move aside to avoid the danger. Nevada motorists can also minimize their chances of encountering a tailgater by staying in the right-hand lane and using the left lane only to pass.

While tailgating is an extremely dangerous behavior, it is largely avoidable. By not engaging with tailgaters, avoiding them as much as possible and leaving adequate room to stop between vehicles, Nevada drivers can substantially reduce their chances of a rear-end collision.