Aaron, Las Vegas Nevada

I was involved in a severe automobile accident and was injured. I'd never before been in a position where I felt so helpless. I retained Apple Law offices and was amazed at how personal and involved they were. I was immediately sent to a physician and began treatment for my injuries. They took care of all the details for me and left me to my business of getting well. It was amazing that I received updates as to how my case was progressing and when all was said and done my medical bills were paid and I received a nice settlement.

With the reputation of Personal Injury lawyers being what it is, it was absolutely wonderful to find someone honest and with my best interest in mind. I would recommend them to anyone who needs a PI Attorney!!

Thanks Apple Law Offices!!!!!!!

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Rick Aniello    -  Aniello Insurance Agency

Several years ago I was involved in an auto accident and was broad sided by a pickup truck that ran a red light.  My car was totaled and my collar bone was fractured in  five places.   I had to have two surgeries and was in a lot of pain for several months.
Being an insurance broker,  I decided I would be able to negotiate a fair settlement with the at fault parties' insurance carrier.   That however was not the case,  so I utilized Robert Apple to handle my case.   Robert Apple filed a lawsuit on my behalf and my case was settled in mediation for an amount that was significantly more than what I was originally offered by the insurance carrier.   When I dealt with the Robert M. Apple law office I dealt with Robert Apple, not an assistant.  Mr. Apple’s attention to detail and his hands on approach to handling my case really impressed me.     Since then I have referred several individuals to Mr. Apple’s law practice and all of them have been very satisfied with the results.   I would not hesitate to recommend Robert M. Apple to anyone that requires a personal injury attorney.

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Jan M., Las Vegas Nevada

Bob Apple handled my personal injury case. I was involved in a rear end collision and was injured.   I did not have a doctor and  was referred to a very good doctor right away.  The doctor referred me to physical therapy.  Bob Apple and his staff were very thorough.   They always kept me informed of the progress of my case.   My car was repaired promptly.  My treatment cured the injuries I had received.  I was very satisfied with the entire experience.  I  would highly recommend Bob Apple to anyone.

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Kelli C.  

"I was in a rear end motor vehicle accident several years ago and hired the services of Robert M. Apple, Esq.  Although the accident was a very frustrating and inconvenient event in my life,  Mr. Apple and his staff were very helpful and professional throughout the course of my case.  Mr. Apple was able to settle my case for an amount I was very satisfied with and in a time frame that I was overly impressed with."

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Edward C. and Sherri C., Las Vegas

3 years ago my wife and I were the victims of a driver under the influence, driving a rental car. It was only a matter of days before our insurance had paid what it was obligated to, and my wife was facing what turned out to be a year of therapy, and more than that, of pain and limitations in what she could physically do. To my wife and I it seemed that it would be futile to attempt to recover anything from the driver. We saw nowhere else to go. He had no insurance and no personal assets. We were appalled to discover rental car companies have no liability when their customer is involved in an accident. Our attorney Robert Apple saw it differently. Mr. Apple was able to persuade others who were involved that they shared the responsibility for the pain, suffering and damages that we had endured. In much less time than the years I’ve often seen friends plod through settlement battles, my wife and I were signing papers to receive a settlement that made it feel like we had been treated quite fairly. I was amazed at the quiet, efficient way that Mr. Apple succeeded in bringing a very dark part of our lives to a satisfactory end. There’d be far fewer lawyer jokes, and much more honor accorded to attorneys if they all conducted business like Bob Apple.

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Melanie S.

I was a client of Apple Law Offices earlier this year after a fender bender. This office is amazing. They immediately showed sincere concern for me and my families health. I was referred to a physician and taken care of in a timely manner. They worked with the insurance companies and got a more than fair settlement for my daughter and I. They were not the typical ambulance chasers you associate personal injury lawyers to be. They are friendly, professional, thorough and caring. I have and will continue to refer family and friends to this wonderful family business.

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