High truck accident numbers highlight a serious problem

Both in Nevada and across the United States, the high rate of accidents involving trucks represent an increasing concern. To illustrate this problem, a woman, her mother, and her two young children were recently killed when they were caught between two tractor trailers and a fire broke out, according to NBC News. The crash occurred when the semi in front of the mother’s car slowed down and the … [Read more...]

Traffic Accidents: The True Costs

Mayhem on the Highway The American public would not tolerate a situation where there was a daily crash of a airplane that caused 100 fatalities and over 300 serious injuries. That is especially the case if one-third of those hundreds of crashes were due to drunken pilots and another 25 percent were attributable to the pilots flying their craft too fast. Such a situation is not, … [Read more...]

Protecting Your Rights after an Auto-Big Truck Collision

Fighting the Laws of Physics You only have to drive on the nation’s highways and Interstates a few moments to understand just how much of the traffic we encounter involves commercial trucks and eighteen wheelers. There are more than 1.9 million semi-trailer trucks registered in the U.S. and 3.2 million licensed truck drivers. These drivers cover more than 150 billion miles a year and carry 68 … [Read more...]