Road races in Las Vegas can be deadly

Car ambulanceWhile many behaviors can lead to deadly car accidents, one of the more extreme and preventable causes is road races, according to Las Vegas car accident lawyers. These are also known as street races or drag races. Recently, the Las Vegas Sun reported on a street racing crash involving speeding between two racers that resulted in the death of one of the drivers. The surviving driver, who fled the scene of the accident on foot, has since been arrested on charges of reckless driving and failure to stop at the scene of an accident.

What is street racing?

Street races are events in which amateur drivers race against each other in front of potentially large crowds. The competing cars are oftentimes highly customized for speed and visual appeal. Such races typically take place in the middle of the night. There are multiple motives for this, including sparse traffic and the illegality of the activity. For example, the aforementioned crash occurred at 2:30 A.M.

According to, street racing has always been around but has become more popular with younger drivers due to recent movies such as “Fast & Furious” and cable shows. Even celebrities have been caught illegally racing in recent months. Las Vegas car accident lawyers would say that most drivers are male and often add power-boosting features to their cars, which can cause them to lose control of the vehicle.

Multiple types of victims

When drivers choose to engage in this type of dangerous activity, there are often multiple types of victims. These victims include the following:

  • The drivers, themselves
  • Passengers
  • Those watching the race
  • Other drivers who may be unaware that a street race is taking place
  • Innocent bystanders such as pedestrians

Due to the high speeds at which the cars are traveling, injuries tend to be severe or fatal, as demonstrated by the recent crash related above.

Penalties for watching street races

In Las Vegas, it is illegal not only to participate in these races, but also to watch them. A city ordinance written in 2004 punishes onlookers with a misdemeanor along with possible jail time and a fine of up to $1,000. For this reason, an enforcement blitz – a tactic sometimes used by authorities – or some other signal that authorities are near may result in a mad scramble of people fleeing in cars and on foot.

For victims who have suffered serious injury, from an accident involving street racing, they may wish to contact Las Vegas car accident lawyers.