Recklessness blamed in sudden rash of Clark County traffic accidents

pDistraughtManCrash_21810631_sWhile the holidays often bring an increase in traffic fatalities, Clark County, Nevada was inundated with a spate of fatal accidents just prior to Thanksgiving 2013. The Las Vegas Sun reports that over a period of only 13 days, 20 individuals lost their lives in traffic accidents, many of which were completely preventable. Officers have been unable to definitively say why the increase occurred or why it ended, but many believe it has to do with decreased visibility coupled with recklessness. A wrongful death attorney Las Vegas often sees these short periods of increased fatalities, but they rarely see something of this magnitude in the valley and its surrounding locations.

Many accidents

There were 18 accidents in total, all occurring between November 5th and November 17th. The majority of the crashes were car vs pedestrian, a deadly combination that claimed a total of 9 lives. Although many of these pedestrian deaths resulted from the illegal actions of motorists, some did contribute to the accidents by failing to walk in designated cross walks. Other fatal traffic accidents were caused by drivers failing to obey simple traffic laws by running red lights and following too closely. One man lost his life because he made an illegal U-turn causing another vehicle to crash into his car. Illegal street racing also caused one of the fatalities. Surprisingly, only two of the accidents and resulting deaths are believed to be alcohol-related.

Las Vegas fatalities

According to the Las Vegas Sun, the city had a variety of causes for fatal crashes throughout 2013. Speeding accounted for 20 percent of fatalities, while pedestrian error was cited as a contributing factor in 27 percent of cases. Other factors include negligent drivers disobeying traffic signals or lights and failing to maintain a traffic lane. Twenty-eight percent of accidents were classified as other or unknown. When looked at by type, almost 47 percent of accident fatalities occurred to vehicle occupants while pedestrians accounted for 26 percent of deaths. Motorcyclists were killed in almost 22 percent of collisions. A wrongful death attorney in Las Vegas often sees the impact that negligent actions have on innocent victims.

Real accidents

Although statistics can be powerful, behind every statistic is a lost life and a devastated family. One of the crashes that occurred during this 13 day period took the lives of three men. A man was driving a sedan when his vehicle simply drifted onto a dirt shoulder. When he overcorrected, the car rotated across the center median of the highway and hit an SUV that had been traveling in the opposite direction. The SUV’s driver was ejected from the vehicle and it burst into flames. The driver and two other men in the SUV died as a result of their injuries. Those who have lost a loved one to a preventable accident should contact a wrongful death attorney in Las Vegas for help. Although they cannot restore a family, they can help them get the resources they need to move on with their lives.