What does pain and suffering compensation include?

When people have been injured by the actions of another, a Las Vegas auto accident lawyer may tell them that they can seek compensation for their damages. Damages are broadly categorized as either economic damages or non-economic damages.

Economic damages are relatively easy to value because they typically represent tangible costs that can be directly compensated. Examples include bills for medical care, property damages, lost wages and lower capacity to earn going forward. The second category of damages, non-economic damages, is potentially more disputable than economic damages because non-economic damages are centered on the concept of pain and suffering.
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pain and suffering compensation

Physical pain

Part of pain and suffering centers around physical pain. This makes calculating appropriate compensation for pain and suffering complicated because of the broad array of sources that could reasonably be linked to the pain and suffering of an individual.

If someone has sustained an injury that causes chronic pain, and the pain does not subside with proper and punctual medical treatment, compensation for pain and suffering might be available. For example, if an accident at a convenience store caused a foot injury that included permanent nerve damage, that condition might qualify as compensable pain and suffering.

Emotional suffering

Sometimes victims of personal injury experience emotional suffering. Perhaps an injury prohibited a person from participating in activities, such as a child’s athletic event or musical endeavors. A forced series of absences might lead to negative emotions, such as guilt, anxiety and depression.

A long and challenging recovery from an injury might cause a person to miss out on the joys of life, such as recreational activities and time spent with friends and loved ones. A Las Vegas auto accident lawyer might be able to win compensation for that victim’s emotional pain.

No limits to compensation

According to Forbes, there are no federal limits on the amount of compensation that can be awarded under pain and suffering for injuries. Some states impose their own limits, but this is not the case in Nevada. Here, there are also no standardized guidelines given to juries for how to value an award based on pain and suffering.

One method that is sometimes used is known as a multiplier. In effect, juries may use the tangible costs associated with the injuries in question, such as medical bills in the case of a car accident, and then apply a multiplier to that economic value. For example, if the medical bills for treating an accident victim are expected to total $100,000, a Las Vegas auto accident lawyer might ask the jury to apply a multiplier of 1.5, resulting in pain and suffering compensation of $150,000.