Negligence often causes Nevada car accidents

pHeadOnCrash_14025900_sRecently in the Las Vegas area, in the middle of the day, News 3 KSNV reported that a 34-year-old driver ran a red light governing an intersection. Upon turning left through the intersection, the right side of the driver’s car collided with the front of an oncoming car. The latter car was operated by a 70-year-old driver and carrying a 69-year-old Henderson resident. Both people sustained injuries, neither of which initially appeared to be life-threatening. However, after some time, the passenger’s condition worsened and she was transferred to a trauma center, where she died from her injuries.

As this fatal car accident illustrates and a Las Vegas personal injury attorney would be aware, drivers put their lives in each other’s hands. Unfortunately, too frequently some form of negligence results in a car accident that injures or even kills an innocent driver, passenger or pedestrian.

Traffic injuries and fatalities

According to the Nevada Office of Traffic Safety, 258 traffic fatalities occurred on Nevada roads in 2012, the last year for which data is available. Furthermore, during the same year over 1,000 serious traffic injuries were reported within the state’s boundaries. The sources of these accidents and consequent injuries or fatalities are diverse, ranging from distracted driving to a failure to obey basic traffic signals. The accident resulting in the wrongful death of the Henderson woman illustrates the latter source of traffic accidents.

Compensation may be available

While nothing can reconcile the death of a loved one, compensation may be available, as any Las Vegas personal injury attorney is aware. Specifically, the immediate family members and heirs of a loved one whose death resulted from a car accident may be entitled to damages. Nevada’s wrongful death law outlines the liability of a person whose wrongful act or negligence results in the death of another. When this occurs, heirs of the decedent may be entitled to damages associated with the following considerations:

  • Grief or sorrow
  • Loss of probable support
  • Companionship
  • Comfort and consortium

The law also specifically mentions pain and suffering as conditions for which damages may be awarded to heirs.

Value of legal representation

Dealing with administrative matters associated with a sensitive matter, such as the death of a loved one, can be difficult. Securing deserved compensation for damages features nuances and complexities with which most people may be unfamiliar. Additionally, people in this position are competing against powerful insurance companies, which are financially motivated to pay as little as possible. For this reason, people who have lost a loved one to a car accident may wish to consult with a Las Vegas personal injury attorney. With experienced legal representation, the competition against insurance companies may become a fairer process.