Lack of training connected to nursing home neglect

お見舞いSeveral reports have released information indicating that senior citizens in many of the nation’s nursing homes are not receiving the care they need and deserve. In fact, ABC News released a congressional report, stating that 30 percent of nursing homes in the U.S. have been cited for nearly 9,000 incidents of abuse and nursing home neglect during a two-year period. Lack of nursing home training is thought to be one of the contributors to this national neglect and abuse problem.

Staffing issues in nursing homes

Many nursing homes across the country face issues attracting and retaining skilled, high-quality staff members. Nursing homes in California, for example, receive insufficient state and federal funding, resulting in low wages for nursing assistants and other health care professionals that work in these facilities, according to ABC News. Although some nurses are committed to providing the best care they possibly can with the resources that are available, others become angry and bitter at the fact that they are overworked and underpaid. These nurses may start to show a lack of respect toward nursing home residents and become emotional detached from them.

Many nurses are simply stretched too thin as a result of nursing home staff deficiencies. There are others, however, who have never received proper training in the first place. Families for Better Care, a nonprofit elder advocacy group, performed a comprehensive review of 2012 staffing, complaint and inspection reports, and graded the quality of nursing home care available in each state. The results were published in a CBS News report, which showed that 11 states, Nevada included, received failing scores. Only seven of the states reviewed had enough resources and trained nursing staff available to give residents more than one hour of professional medical attention.

Consequences of neglect

Nursing homes that employ negligent staff members can cause severe emotional and physical trauma to residents who rely on medical care to sustain a good quality of life. According to ABC News, neglect and insufficient medical training can result in:

  • Accidents from improper handling.
  • Poor sanitation and hygiene resulting from lack of care.
  • Resident requests for medical help may go unanswered for a length of time or forgotten altogether.
  • Prescription drug errors, including giving the wrong medication to the wrong resident or overdosing residents with medication.
  • Malnutrition, dehydration, infection and bedsores.

Many of the consequences stemming from poor care can be life-threatening. Out of the 9,000 incidents that were included in the congressional report, ABC News reported that 1,601 cases were at a point where the resident was facing severe injury or death. Sadly, some abused and neglected residents are simply unable to hold on.