How You Can Get Injured in Las Vegas


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While enjoying the sights and sounds of Las Vegas nightlife for a weekend visit, no one plans to be involved in an auto accident in their rental car, slip and fall at a hotel as a result of someone else’s negligence, or visit a popular eatery only to then become the sick with food poisoning.  While no weekend vacationer to Las Vegas plans these types of misfortunes, they do sometimes happen.

Auto Accidents

While many local residents also enjoy the Las Vegas strip, out-of-towners often fly in for their weekend adventure. To get around town, limousine services, taxicabs, and rental cars are a part of the norm. Since most of the Las Vegas “night life” is a 24/7 experience, these popular transportation services have the ongoing challenge and responsibility of constantly maintaining their vehicles and ensuring they are running properly.  If you are involved in an automobile accident – whether a result of another driver’s negligence or a default with the vehicle, you need to hire an experienced personal injury attorney Las Vegas who understands the special laws that apply to accident claims.

Slipping and Falling

One of the most common injuries to visitors in Las Vegas is a result of tripping over something and falling at a casino or other popular attraction. Hotel, restaurant, and casino owners have the duty to maintain their properties and keep them free from unnecessary hazards that may cause harm to visitors or staff. If a property owner has allowed a dangerous condition to exist without rectifying it or failing to warn patrons of it, then the owner is responsible for whatever injuries may occur as a result. Should you experience an injury from tripping and falling from someone else’s negligence, it’s important to get a record of and document the incident immediately.

Food Poisoning

While many travelers to Las Vegas enjoy the excitement of the casinos, others prefer to spend more time enjoying the live music, magic, and dance shows and dining at the popular and plentiful buffets offered by many restaurants. In the spring of 2013, the Associated Press reported that 200 visitors to an established Las Vegas restaurant were afflicted with food poisoning symptoms after dining at the establishment. Although this was the largest outbreak of food poisoning in Las Vegas in the past ten years, even one report of a food-related illness can result in a personal injury claim against the eatery.

If you’re planning to be one of the nearly 40 million visitors to Las Vegas this year, be proactive and plan on what you would do should you be wrongfully injured as a result of the negligence of  casinos, food preparers, medical professionals, limousine drivers, or business owners. Being from out of town and away from home compounds the stress and uncertainty of the situation even further. Add Robert  Apple’s phone number to your list of contacts before you head to Las Vegas, (702) 646-0085.