How safe are cyclists on Las Vegas streets?

pBikeRiderCloseup_5532654_sBicycling is a popular mode of transportation for many Las Vegas residents. However, cyclists face a considerable amount of danger when sharing the road with motor vehicles and trucks on crowed city streets. Nationwide, 726 people were killed and 49,000 people were injured in bicycle accidents involving motor vehicles in 2012, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. A Las Vegas wrongful death attorney knows that bicyclists have the same rights as other vehicles on the road and should be given fair treatment.

Las Vegas bicycling laws

With the increase in bicycle accidents in the state, state lawmakers have taken action in an attempt to reduce accidents, injuries and deaths. According to the Nevada Department of Public Safety, state law requires motorists that are passing cyclists to move over to the next lane if possible, or leave at least three feet between their vehicle and the bicyclist. Nevada’s revised statutes also require motorists to do the following:

  • Yield to bicyclists, as bikers have the right of way
  • Honk the horn in order to avoid a collision
  • Never enter, park, drive or stop within a bike lane
  • Never interfere with anyone riding a bike
  • Never pass a person riding a bike unless the motorist can do so in a safe manner
  • Never go through an intersection while driving in a bike lane

All motorists should drive cautiously around bikers in order to avoid causing a tragic bicycle accident, a fact known by a Las Vegas wrongful death attorney.

Dangers to bicycle riders

Although driving a motor vehicle is dangerous, riding a bicycle is also risky. Bikers who ride at night are more likely to be involved in a collision. The location of the bike rider, as well as the amount of experience they have driving on city roads also comes into play when evaluating the potential risk of a bicycle accident. The 2012 National Survey on Bicyclist and Pedestrian Attitudes and Behaviors reported that the majority of bicycle injuries are caused by motor vehicles. The second most common cause of injuries was falling, followed by poor roadway conditions.

Motor vehicles and bicyclists

There are many different situations where a motorist may become involved in a bicycle collision. reported that approximately 660,000 motorists across the country use their cellphones while driving at any given daylight hour. Motorists not paying attention to the road can easily fail to notice a bicyclist traveling in the bicycle lane or crossing at a crosswalk. Drunk drivers and other negligent motorists contribute to the growing number of bicyclists killed on Las Vegas streets.

People who suffer from a serious injury or have lost a loved one in a bicycle accident in Las Vegas may be entitled to compensation. In some cases, injured victims may want to contact a Las Vegas wrongful death attorney to ensure justice is served for a loved one lost in a bicycle accident.