Have you been the victim of a defective product? What to look for.

Accidents are a part of daily life, and many involve the use of a specific product. Sometimes accidents happen because of carelessness or a failure to follow the instructions or safety warnings listed on the packaging. Not all accidents that occur while using a product are the fault of the user, though. Defective products cause hundreds of deaths and thousands of injuries every year. The law … [Read more...]

Energy supplement product blamed for death of young soldier

Many people in Las Vegas, Nevada, know manufacturers have a duty to make safe products and warn users of potential risks. When manufacturers fail in this duty, the consequences can be deadly, as a recent case illustrates. The manufacturer of an energy supplement may be held liable for selling a defective product after a healthy soldier who consumed the supplement suffered from cardiac … [Read more...]

What to Do When A Defective Product Causes Injury

The Consumer Society Over the past century the issue of protecting the consumer has gained significant support in all states through legislation and case law. It is now accepted that the consumer has the right to expect that products purchased are safe and usable without being harmed. This legal responsibility for manufacturers to protect has been extended to all participants in the process of … [Read more...]