How You Can Get Injured in Las Vegas

While enjoying the sights and sounds of Las Vegas nightlife for a weekend visit, no one plans to be involved in an auto accident in their rental car, slip and fall at a hotel as a result of someone else’s negligence, or visit a popular eatery only to then become the sick with food poisoning.  While no weekend vacationer to Las Vegas plans these types of misfortunes, they do sometimes happen. Auto … [Read more...]

Five Reasons Seat Belts Save Lives and Money

Next time you get in your vehicle and consider forgoing the seat belt, think again. Your automobile accident attorney will thank you. Many states have mandatory seat belt laws in place to ensure the safety of all drivers and passengers. Wearing a seat belt not only may save your life, it may also save you money. Consider this: Staying Alive. Studies done by the Insurance Institute for Highway … [Read more...]

Traffic Safety Tips While in Las Vegas

Your idea of a Las Vegas vacation may be an endless round of shows, great food, gambling or, for some, the perfect place to get married. Las Vegas is a place for fun and even some wild abandon, but be careful. You can be injured no matter where you are, so it's a good idea to take some common sense precautions. One of the most common causes of personal injury accidents in Las Vegas: Traffic … [Read more...]

Paul Walker, a Porsche, and a Speedy Friend

Would a Lower Speed Limit have Saved Them? Speed and traffic fatalities entered the spotlight once again with the November 30, 2013 death of Paul Walker.  A passenger in a 2005 Porsche Carrera GT, Walker died when the driver lost control and hit a light post and a tree before setting fire.  The driving speed at the time was over 100 mph. However, speed is not the only item being discussed in … [Read more...]

Fast & Fatal: The Deadly Risks of Speeding

A new coroner's report on actor Paul Walker's death suggests that the car he was riding in may have been going 100 miles per hour just before the fatal accident. Investigators haven't found any mechanical function to cause the accident. Witnesses  have reportedly told police that the car was driving at a very high rate of speed, with some witnesses estimating the speed to be more than 100 miles … [Read more...]

New Technology Expected to Reduce Distracted Driving

The annual Consumer Electronics Show opens in Las Vegas on Jan. 7 and reports indicate that Google and carmaker Audi plan to unveil a jointly-produced device that could make distracted driving a thing of the past. The unnamed technology would build smartphone-like devices directly into vehicles. The devices would allow drivers to download the entire universe of Android apps and would be activated … [Read more...]

When Fido’s Bite is Worse than His Bark: How to Protect Your Rights

Man's Best Friend? Most of us love dogs and see them as faithful companions. However, the very fact that dogs are so popular has given rise to an alarming increase in the number of dog bites suffered each year in the United States. A stunning total of more than 4.7 million dog bites occur each year, with almost 800,000 of those bites requiring medical care. Even more tragically, these dog … [Read more...]

Traffic Accidents: The True Costs

Mayhem on the Highway The American public would not tolerate a situation where there was a daily crash of a airplane that caused 100 fatalities and over 300 serious injuries. That is especially the case if one-third of those hundreds of crashes were due to drunken pilots and another 25 percent were attributable to the pilots flying their craft too fast. Such a situation is not, … [Read more...]

Motorcycle Riders: What You Need to Know about Head Injuries

The High Price of Freedom For many people, the feel of riding a motorcycle down a winding country road is hard to beat with any other experience. Riding without a helmet adds to a sense of freedom for many of these riders. Unfortunately, that sensation often comes at a very high price. Almost every cyclist can share one or more stories about accidents. When a serious motorcycle accident does … [Read more...]

What to Do When A Defective Product Causes Injury

The Consumer Society Over the past century the issue of protecting the consumer has gained significant support in all states through legislation and case law. It is now accepted that the consumer has the right to expect that products purchased are safe and usable without being harmed. This legal responsibility for manufacturers to protect has been extended to all participants in the process of … [Read more...]