Intersections often the scene of a motorcycle accident

Plenty of good weather, beautiful scenery and frequent motorcycle events give Nevada riders lots of reasons to hit the road. Unfortunately, the heavily trafficked intersections in Clark County and other metropolitan areas in the state present notoriously high danger zones for those on two wheels. In southwest Las Vegas Valley this summer, the intersection of South Fort Apache and West Russell … [Read more...]

Car makers looking at accident choices of self-driving autos

Self-driving cars have moved from a futuristic idea to a reality that is on the verge of availability to drivers in the United States, and Nevada residents are already among the first to experience the new wave. In March of 2012, Nevada passed legislation allowing autonomous vehicles to be tested on the state’s roadways. According to the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles, while legislation and … [Read more...]

4 driver behaviors that cause motorcycle accidents

When most motorists head out on the road, the last thing they want to experience is being involved in a deadly accident. However, this very thing happens every day. One of the most vulnerable populations on the roadway today are motorcyclists. Without great sheets of steel that have been specially designed to absorb the forces of an impact, motorcyclists may be severely injured in many kinds of … [Read more...]

Do truck drivers adhere to federal texting ban?

For many drivers, it is common knowledge that texting while driving is an unsafe practice that should be avoided at all costs. Despite federal and state laws prohibiting the practice, more drivers than ever continue to text while behind the wheel every day. Unfortunately, truck drivers are often guilty of this offense. Las Vegas truck accident lawyers often see the disturbing effects of these … [Read more...]

Is Medpay car accident coverage a good idea?

Car accident insurance coverage is often dictated by the laws of the state in which an individual resides. In Nevada, drivers are legally required to have at least $15,000 per person in coverage for bodily injury, $30,000 bodily for each accident and $10,000 in property damage. However, motorists can purchase additional insurance to increase their coverage. One kind of optional insurance that is … [Read more...]

Truck accidents: What is the Graves Amendment

The trucking industry is a complex one. A personal injury lawyer in Las Vegas knows that in many cases tractor trailers are rented from independent truck companies. In other cases, truckers rent semis from their own employer. When people are injured through the negligent actions of a trucker, it can be difficult to identify all responsible parties. The existence of the Graves Amendment can further … [Read more...]

Drunk driving fatalities lower in Nevada but still much too high

All 50 states have a law that requires convicted drunk drivers to install ignition interlock systems in their vehicles. This system requires the driver to blow into a device that analyzes the amount of alcohol on the breath. If the driver’s BAC is above .02 percent, the vehicle will not start. Unfortunately, Nevada’s interlock law is one of the weakest in the country, according to the group … [Read more...]

Increased demand for goods means more trucks on Nevada roads

In Nevada, fatalities from large truck crashes equaled 7 percent of the total traffic deaths for 2013, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The size and weight of tractor trailers compared to that of passenger cars make them more deadly in a collision. A truck accident attorney in Las Vegas may well be concerned about the increasing rate of crashes in the United States. … [Read more...]

The dangers of tailgating

Tailgating is an exceedingly dangerous driving behavior, and yet a car accident lawyer in Las Vegas knows that many Nevadans do it every day. Some do so because they are running behind or are late to their destinations, while others do it out of irritation, impatience or ignorance. … [Read more...]

3 Tips on keeping your cool while driving

A Las Vegas Injury Attorney knows that several Nevada road rage incidents have received considerable national attention in recent months, shining a spotlight on the growing severity of the problem in the state. Increased reporting on the dangers of road rage, as well as several recent resident deaths as a result of the behavior, have many Nevada motorists looking for new methods of keeping their … [Read more...]