3 Tips on keeping your cool while driving

pRearEndCarCrash_8249948_sA Las Vegas Injury Attorney knows that several Nevada road rage incidents have received considerable national attention in recent months, shining a spotlight on the growing severity of the problem in the state. Increased reporting on the dangers of road rage, as well as several recent resident deaths as a result of the behavior, have many Nevada motorists looking for new methods of keeping their cool behind the wheel.

A national spotlight on a growing state problem

One February incident covered by numerous national media outlets involved a confrontation between neighbors that ended in the shooting death of a 44-year-old mother. According to CNN, two automobiles were involved in the Las Vegas road rage incident. Following an initial street confrontation, one involved party drove home and picked up her 22-year-old son in hopes of tracking down the other party, who had fled. The woman’s son brought a gun, and the incident ultimately ended in gunfire, with the woman herself falling victim at the hands of the other motorist.

The Monterey County Herald detailed another February road rage incident in which two young men were involved in an altercation in Sparks, Nevada. In this case, one individual shot the other, and a bizarre turn of events ultimately resulted in the gunshot victim stealing the other man’s truck. He then drove the stolen truck to the hospital to seek help for his own injuries. Situations like these have motorists, lawmakers and a Las Vegas injury attorney looking for ways to combat road rage in Nevada. Here are three tips Nevada drivers can employ to stay calm when tensions rise on the road.

Allow Adequate Travel Time

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety studied 10,000 motorists for a 10-year period, and recorded 218 murders and more than 12,610 injuries related to road rage during that time. Many of these road rage incidents occur when drivers are rushed and have more ground to cover than they do time to spare. Planning ahead and leaving with a few extra minutes alleviates tension, and also allows time for any unplanned construction or accident-related detours.

Avoid Behaving Offensively

Motorists can minimize their chances of becoming victims of road rage by simply avoiding behaviors other drivers find offensive. A Las Vegas injury attorney recommends following all posted road regulations and avoiding behaviors that invoke anger in other drivers, like tailgating or driving slowly without letting others pass. AARP, Inc., notes that using turn signals appropriately and maintaining a three-second following distance will also decrease a motorist’s chances of falling victim to road rage.

Ignore and Avoid Aggressive Drivers

Another way to avoid trouble on the road is to avoid engaging with other aggressive drivers. A Las Vegas injury attorney advises against flashing rude gestures, following other motorists too closely or engaging in similar behaviors that may invoke the ire of an already antagonistic driver.

Road rage incidents are of growing concern, but many are largely avoidable. Utilizing these three tips minimizes a Nevada driver’s chances of involvement in a road rage incident. In the event that one does occur, drivers should pull over somewhere safe and immediately place a call to 911.