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Truck driving programs should be placed under set regulations

In Las Vegas and across the U.S., truck accidents are becoming increasingly problematic. As is the case for all motor vehicle accidents, a truck accident lawyer Las Vegas knows that a variety of factors may contribute to these dangerous events. Among these factors is negligent truckers and incompetent truck driving skills, two problems that could be mitigated through federally mandated truck … [Read more...]

Nevada’s tort laws and car accident liability

A personal injury lawyer in Las Vegas would explain that there are two systems when it comes to car accidents – a no-fault system and a tort system. In a no-fault system, drivers who are involved in car accidents are covered for losses by their own insurance company. This occurs whether they or another driver is responsible for causing the car accident. The no-fault system is based on the … [Read more...]

What does pain and suffering compensation include?

When people have been injured by the actions of another, a Las Vegas auto accident lawyer may tell them that they can seek compensation for their damages. Damages are broadly categorized as either economic damages or non-economic damages. Economic damages are relatively easy to value because they typically represent tangible costs that can be directly compensated. Examples include bills for … [Read more...]

Road races in Las Vegas can be deadly

While many behaviors can lead to deadly car accidents, one of the more extreme and preventable causes is road races, according to Las Vegas car accident lawyers. These are also known as street races or drag races. Recently, the Las Vegas Sun reported on a street racing crash involving speeding between two racers that resulted in the death of one of the drivers. The surviving driver, who fled the … [Read more...]

Drowsy driving similar to impaired driving

Any Las Vegas car accident lawyer would be able to recount stories of people who have been severely injured by drowsy drivers. Drowsy driving is among the leading causes of car accidents in the United States. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, one in every six fatal car accidents results from a driver who is impaired with fatigue. In comparison, one in every three … [Read more...]