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Seeking a medical second opinion is a good idea

Many people put their full trust in the American health care system, and accept the diagnoses given to them by knowledgeable physicians. According to the National Center for Policy Analysis, however, between 10 and 20 percent of medical diagnoses in America are inaccurate, costing patients unnecessary medical expenses and potentially their lives. These staggering statistics show the prevalence of … [Read more...]

Proving premises liability in the state of Nevada

Nevada child care centers are responsible for providing a safe environment for children who are in their care. If an incident occurs, involving the death or injury of a child while they are in the care of a daycare facility, premises liability and personal injury laws in Nevada will determine to what extent the facility is responsible for the injuries. In many cases, it is up to the injured … [Read more...]

Nevada should require ignition interlocks for all DUI convictions

Ignition interlock devices have shown to reduce the drunk driver recidivism rate by 67 percent, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. However, Nevada still lacks legislation requiring use of these devices for all convicted DUI offenders. Mothers Against Drunk Driving names Nevada’s ignition interlock laws as some of the weakest in the nation and believes that passing a law … [Read more...]

Lack of training connected to nursing home neglect

Several reports have released information indicating that senior citizens in many of the nation’s nursing homes are not receiving the care they need and deserve. In fact, ABC News released a congressional report, stating that 30 percent of nursing homes in the U.S. have been cited for nearly 9,000 incidents of abuse and nursing home neglect during a two-year period. Lack of nursing home training … [Read more...]

Dog bites: Legal responsibility when pet escapes and attacks

The owners of an 11-month old pit bull in Virginia are facing four misdemeanor charges, after their dog jumped the broken backyard fence and attacked a young girl waiting for the school bus. According to Fredericksburg News, the 9-year-old girl suffered severe bite wounds to her legs, arms and back, and underwent surgery at the local hospital to repair the extensive damage. Neighbors claim that … [Read more...]

Common injuries associated with car accidents

Car accidents in America injured approximately 2.36 million people in 2012, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Although the specific injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident often depends on the type of collision that occurred, as well as the severity of the impact, there are several types of car accident injuries that are common across the board. (article … [Read more...]

Child pedestrian accidents rise with return of school

Now that school is back in session in Nevada, drivers can expect to see a steady stream of students walking to and from school each day. Although children should be able to walk to school safely, many Las Vegas students run the risk of getting seriously injured or killed in auto pedestrian accidents. Since 2009, the number of people killed in pedestrian accidents in the U.S. has steadily … [Read more...]