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Federal legislation addresses rental car companies and auto recalls

Currently, rental car companies in Nevada and throughout the rest of the U.S. are legally able to rent out vehicles in their fleet that have been subject to a recall notice that is sent from the manufacturer and approved by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration. However, current laws prohibit companies from selling or leasing the same vehicles. A bill has recently been proposed … [Read more...]

Increasing awareness of tractor-trailers can decrease trucking accident risk

Tractor trailers are a common sight in Nevada and throughout the United States. Along with buses and other commercial motor vehicles, they play an invaluable role in the nation’s economy by transporting billions of pounds of food, products and raw materials around the nation each year. As can be expected, the prevalence of tractor trailers on the roadways leads to a significant number of … [Read more...]

Central line-associated bloodstream infections are a serious problem

While receiving medical care of any kind has its associated risks, patients who are admitted to hospitals or other care facilities in Nevada have the right to expect that they will receive the best possible level of care. However, many individuals and their families must deal with the consequences of receiving sub-par care that results in extra illness or infection, such as seen with central … [Read more...]

Taking precautions can decrease Nevada’s high fatality rate for swimming pool drownings

When the summer heat comes out in late April and early May, the swimming season in Las Vegas is generally in full swing. A large percentage of homes in the valley have their own swimming pools, and families take full advantage of the heat to enjoy them at every opportunity. Sadly, fun can change to tragedy very quickly, causing many families to experience the devastation of losing a child to … [Read more...]

Study: Car accidents linked to drivers who are buzzed

In Nevada, according to the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles, it is illegal for drivers to operate a vehicle with a blood alcohol content level at or above 0.08. However, new research indicates that “buzzed” drivers, or those who only have a BAC level of 0.01, are more likely to be at fault for car accidents than sober drivers who are involved in a collision.  The problem with “buzzed” … [Read more...]

What is a third-party personal injury claim?

When workers are injured in Nevada due to the negligence of another person, they can file two separate claims. The first is to receive workers’ compensation benefits from their employer and the second is a personal injury claim against the person or entity at fault, typically referred to as the third party. To file a third-party lawsuit, the additional responsible party cannot be the worker’s … [Read more...]

Have you been the victim of a defective product? What to look for.

Accidents are a part of daily life, and many involve the use of a specific product. Sometimes accidents happen because of carelessness or a failure to follow the instructions or safety warnings listed on the packaging. Not all accidents that occur while using a product are the fault of the user, though. Defective products cause hundreds of deaths and thousands of injuries every year. The law … [Read more...]

Study: Many robotic surgery errors underreported

The number of reported injuries directly linked to robotic surgery errors is rising, according to data collected from the Food and Drug Administration. In 2004, 13.3 adverse events per 100,000 procedures were reported, and this number increased to 50 events per 100,000 procedures in 2012. Many experts believe that the reports only show a small piece of the picture. FDA warning letter lists … [Read more...]

National report: Las Vegas ranks 13th most dangerous city for pedestrians

The number of pedestrian injuries and fatalities in Las Vegas tends to be cyclical, with numbers climbing over two or three years and then falling again. In the last three years, though, fatalities have climbed steeply, and city officials express concern over the continued rise in pedestrian crashes. 2011 ended with 26 fatalities, while there were 46 in 2012 and 60 in 2013. In the first four … [Read more...]

Driving study shows risks associated with hands-free devices

Distracted driving is defined by the United States government as inattention due to any activity that distracts from the task of driving, and it has become a major safety concern as drivers’ use of smart phones has become so prevalent. In 2012, more than 3,000 deaths and over 400,000 injuries  occurred as a direct result of the use of hand-held devices. Law enforcement officials and state and … [Read more...]