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Up to 4,000 times a year, people are victims of surgical “never events”

Going through a surgical procedure in Las Vegas is always associated with some risk. However there are some mistakes that just should not happen. These surgical errors are called “never events” and according to a study from Johns Hopkins Medicine, they happen to people in the U.S. on average 4,000 times a year. The estimate comes from a review of medical malpractice claims but researchers … [Read more...]

Cognitive distraction study shows hands-free technology not risk-free

Inattention and distracted driving are cited as the top second factor in injury crashes in the 2010 Nevada Department of Transportation crash report. The report shows that 18,675 injury crashes took place in the state with a total of 27,819 injuries. Distraction or inattention was cited in 1,338 of those auto accidents. According to, 421,000 people in the U.S. were injured in … [Read more...]